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Eco Active Our icon is a Butterfly. The reason it is a butterfly is because we believe in the Butterfly Effect:

  • (with reference to chaos theory) the phenomenon whereby a minute localized change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere

Be That Change.

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Sustainability is a GLOBAL issue. We may not have the power to make global decisions alone, however, each of us has to power to make small changes in what we buy, whom we buy from, where we go and indeed how we get there!

Discover and share trails, workshops and events! Connect with others and see how you can work together to bring more value to your product or service.  

An example might be a tour guide that connects with a yoga instructor and and accommodation provider to create a weekend Hike, Heal and Hangout Package, or a handmade soap company that connects with a restaurant who believes in supporting local crafts. 

Yes, sustainability is a serious topic but supporting local producers and green business can also be FUN! 

It all begins with that first small step… 

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Eco Adventures Wild Atlantic Way

If you’re looking for a unique holiday that offers eco fun, food and friendship then may I suggest the following! Camping at Clifden Eco Campsite with shopping and dining in…

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Enjoy Leitrim Video Launched

“Come to Leitrim - It could change your life!” says Michael Harding in a beautiful new video launched today showcasing Leitrim as a place to visit, enjoy, explore and experience…

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The self-organizing capacity of our world.

The paragraphs that really caught my attention are below as it reinforces my own beliefs and is the reason behind why we created this online platform: "life wants to happen as a community and we are all part of it." "We live in a universe that is alive, creative, and experimenting all the time to discover what's possible. We are rediscovering our interconnectedness; there are no isolated individuals in the natural world. Life seeks to affiliate with other life, and as it does that it makes more possibilities available, it makes more diversity possible".

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Kilrane Art Gallery is a Gem

Well myself and my sister were passing recently and saw the proprietor, Patrick O'Reilly, outside preparing for reopening after Covid so we stopped and got out to have a chat. WHAT A GEM! "Opened in 2018 and located in the village of Kilrane, Co. Wexford, The Kilrane Gallery is a space where Irish based artists, designers and makers can exhibit and sell their work. I have assembled a wonderful group of creatives and together we have established this beautiful space" - Patrick O'Reilly