Juggling the Work Life Balance

It’s a hot topic at the moment- how to juggle your work life balance especially in these hard times where most of us are working longer hours for less money or looking for work in order to pay the bills!
Yesterday TodayFm featured Dr Harry Barry who gave three top tips for flagging stress.
I know that I am lucky to live near a beach at the moment, so, for my city friends I would like to share yesterdays’ beach walk.
get out in natureWe saw so many different types of seaweed and sea creatures including a live fish that we threw back into the big blue (after taking a quick snap).
The dogs had a ball running the length of the empty beach munching on wild crab and chasing seagulls.
I also love the colours of the pebbles and shells and always end up bringing at least one of them home with me – today it was a heart shaped stone.
I highly recommend getting out in the fresh air and as Dr Harry also said doing 30 minutes of excercise a day will make a huge difference to stress levels decreasing them and making you feel more positive and happy too.
Why not treat yourself to one of our events and enjoy a day in the wild 🙂
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