Group Buying of Organic Produce with Boxa

Came across this facebook page recently – love the idea and the produee looks divine!
Local, ethical, wild and organic: grass-fed meat and line-caught a box to your door or local pick up point.
Boxa is a fledgling co-op/group that links directly to local organic farmers and fishers to get wonderful local meat and fish. Buying direct supports local farmers and fishers and saves money, making organic food genuinely affordable for everyone.

boxa supplies beef, lamb, pork, chicken and fish, spuds and honey. By buying as a group, directly from the producers, the savings are huge. It’s really easy for the customer. The producers and I try to bring their wonderful food to customers for no more than they would pay for supermarket non organic! We can do this because everything is kept really simple.
I love food and, like lots of people, I have become increasingly concerned about the safety, sustainability and ethics of our food systems. We need different ways to get our food if we want to eat local, healthy food on an average income and not destroy the planet to do it, There are all sorts of great solutions out there, this is just my small contribution to a growing food revolution.
I set up this page as a source of info for people interested in this initiative, and as a bit of a news and info site around all things food for the group members.
How to buy
Anyone can join in so drop me an email for all the details.
boxa Farmers & Fishers
Culmore Organic Farm: Grass fed, organic beef, milk, potatoes
Black’s Organic Farm,
Ballycastle: Grass fed, organic lamb, pork, turkey.
Rathlin Island Seafood :
Sustainable local fish and seafood, inc. lobster and crab.
Why Organic ?
Organic is as good as it gets, so for me the question is “why not organic”? If you’d like to read more about organic check out these these links:
Anyone can join in, the more the merrier! If you would like to become a customer/member drop me an email @
If you are after local organic fruit and veg check out the loverly