Fundraising for the Diabetes Ireland Camino De Santiago Walk in September

Camino de Santiago PortugalI’m kinda new to fundraising. I never seemed to have the time. Whilst I admired those that set themselves challenges to raise enormous (in my opinion) sums of cash to support their chosen cause I didn’t think that I could do that. I lost my dad to cancer. But before that I lost him and many others to Diabetes.
Thankfully I haven’t lost them forever as they still live, busily  managing their diabetes on a daily basis, however the impact that diabetes can have on anyones’ life is often belittled or misunderstood.
My beautiful 14 year old niece whom I adore put it well in her blog about joining ‘The Dark Side’ when she voiced her fears:

 I don’t want to lose my legs or my sight, or any part of my body, but that’s up to me and the people around me to help and understand that diabetes isn’t something I can quit when I feel like it. It’s going to stay with me forever.
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Roz and leahThis is why I have set myself the challenge to raise €4000 for Diabetes Ireland by the end of August 2014.
I want to bring Leah with me on the Diabetes Ireland Camino De Santiago walk in Portugal on the 6th September so that she can experience the thrill of such a venture and feel the support that she so needs. This involves walking up to 6 hours a day so it’s no mean feat – for either of us!!
Some of the events that I have planned to help raise funds include:

I am busy trying to think of more ways to fundraise as we have €255 raised to date and we need €500 just to register.Gulp!
Thank You so much to everyone who helped us get that far!! 
Ideas welcome – Here’s to finding a solution to Diabetes forever. Roz x

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