Eco Active Tour of Ireland

We will be Blogging, Tweeting, Facebooking, Google Sharing and Generally shouting from the rooftops about YOUR business on our Eco Tour!
I will be travelling around the country calling in to each of you who wish to be included to blog, tweet, experience and share your Eco business with the masses.
Rough Plan so far:
We are also looking at partnering with a national radio station as well as local stations throughout the tour.
This is a great opportunity to market your business in time for the gift voucher season and indeed for ongoing bookings.
If you or any other Eco/Outdoors/Foodie/Crafty/Unusual service providers you know would like to be included in our tour please get in touch with me on 087 3205680 or email
Currently I have scheduled from September 26th to 10th October approximately, however this is totally flexible – I will aim to fit as many as possible in at a date and time that best suits you.
Some of you are already aware of this trip and to those that are new please feel free to share this with other eco related businesses in your area that may be interested in participating. Working together can create opportunities that may otherwise be missed.