Touring Ireland in the Opel Mokka

Followers of my recent Eco Tour of Ireland will have seen numerous photos of my trusty steed along my journey, from the lakes of Sligo to the Cork and Kerry Mountains!
Many of you have contacted me asking about the car I drove which was kindly sponsored to me for the tour by Ferrybank Motors here in Wexford.
The car that featured in my EcoTour was an Opel Mokka and boy did it live up to my needs! Now, I am no motor fanatic but I totally LOVED driving this car through roads, fields, mountain passes and more.
Here are my favourite aspects of the Opel Mokka Ecoflex:

  • The rugged style of an SUV into a compact package
  • If you like cycling you’ll love the FlexFix® cycle carrier. It pulls out of the rear bumper just like a drawer, with a unique simplicity and convenience that means you can load up without problems.
  • MP3 capability, USB, aux-in and Bluetooth® are standard as is Digital Media Broadcast (DMB) digital radio.
  • Optional Navi 600 features a comprehensive navigation system with point-of-interest information (POIs) all stored on SD card, which comes with navigation data for Ireland and the UK.
  • The Start/Stop system saves fuel and lowers emissions. It stops the engine when the car comes to a standstill with the transmission in neutral, and starts it again instantly as soon as you press down the clutch pedal. You can activate and deactivate the system using a button on the instrument panel.
  • High Beam Assist for halogen headlamps
    The High Beam Assist system for bi-halogen headlamps uses a camera to automatically switch from dipped to high beam in response to preceding and oncoming traffic.

Whilst driving I kept the start/stop ability on for the whole Eco Tour and my fuel consumption was less than €180 for a 10 day all terrain trip around Ireland!
Cheap to tax! – Tax band €200
When a light rain suddenly started to fall the windscreen wipers came on automatically!
Lights came on automatically when going through tunnels.
There was little for me to do to be honest – very relaxing and felt so safe! I’d highly recommend anyone looking for a comfortable car that can manage country roads, with lots’ of storage space, plug socket (for my phone to stay charged), comfortable seating and great radio (even in the middle of nowhere) to test drive the Opel Mokka .
Available From Only €50 Per Week! 
Contact Leslie at Ferrybank Motors on 087 2051790 / 053 91 22544 or Email

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