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The Bigger Picture

What Happens When You Support by advertising with or booking on our website?

I was working away online today and came across a few ‘green tech start up’ events that are coming up that interested me.

It got me to thinking about my own business – this website – and what it is I am trying to do with it. I sometimes think that maybe people don’t always see the bigger picture so I thought I’d try to explain what my vision is for and see if it helped…

First I made an Infographic highlighting the main points both for people who advertise on my website and for customers who come here to find information and book events.. 🙂

infographic on what happens when you support Eco Active Events

So for me EcoActiveEvents is two things. (Apart from being a B2B & a B2C)

Firstly: Its My Passion…

Each time I sit down at my computer to work on EcoActive I get excited and a happiness and peace settles upon me – I can lose the day researching, connecting and discovering new people and places to visit.

Secondly: It’s my Legacy…

It’s how I want to live – growing my own food where possible, learning about bees, knowing what medicinal herbs are growing around me. Connecting, promoting and sharing these wonderful nature friendly events that are so unlike anything else. I want to inspire others to live a life less ordinary, to follow their passion, to discover new things, to nurture nature and to have the most wonderful life without harming the world we depend so much upon.

My Vision

My vision for is for it to become the GLOBAL GO TO PLACE to discover eco friendly events happening near you, so that you can go and visit the incredible people sharing their crafts, skills, knowledge and passions and learn something that ignites your soul. All whilst having fun of course. Fun is very important. Especially these days. Discovering how incredible our world is and how incredible our bodies are is fun.

To do this I need the support of other small businesses – the people who are holding these events and I thank very much those who have been so supportive of me to date.

I have specifically created really affordable Membership packages so that start ups and small rural businesses can easily afford them and gain a real positive return on investment along with becoming part of a wider community.

I have plans for EcoActive to become a provider of support in other ways too – whether that be through investment / mentoring / sponsorship, small (barefoot) steps for now. (A new pair of shoes wouldn’t fit in my #TinyHouse anyway)… 😉

If you would like to join EcoActive you can check out our very affordable options here or if you would like to get in touch about sponsoring an ecotour or anything else just give me a shout on +353 83 805 4866 or email

Finding the G-spot in Ecotourism!

G is for Green.

Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle mainly due to a combination of rolling hills of green and the poem “When Erin First Rose” written by Belfast-born William Drennan in 1795.
Over the past decade Irish tourism has grown to factor in green credentials with emphasis on supporting local people and the environment in order to enable sustainable tourism as visitor numbers grow.
wild atlantic way sligo

Sustainable tourism is the concept of visiting a place as a tourist and trying to make only a positive impact on the environment, society and economy.

I find these eco friendly businesses  fascinating as they are often created in the starkest locations against all odds.
One example is the organic flower farm ‘BumbleBee Farm’ in beautiful West Cork which rests on top of a windy mountain yet produces delightful blooms of all colours for use in wedding bouquets.
bumblebee-farm organic flowers
Last year I travelled around the country meeting many of these eco entrepreneurs experiencing for myself the hard work and passion that each has poured into their particular endevour.
Many were an eye opener in recycling and sustainable living offering comfortable accommodation and an array of unique family fun activities throughout the year as well as workshops that utilise their natural environment.
I met Emma who adores (& rescues) rabbits, dogs and alpacas and welcomes visitors to enjoy a beautiful riverside walk and meet the alpacas.
I noticed how much each eco related business in an area work together to promote one another- by providing locally produced food or services and suggesting one another to visitors. This community led attitude results in making their destination more attractive to visitors who can easily find all they wish to make for a memorable holiday.
This is widespread in Ballybunion Co Kerry with local guide Danny of EcotrekBallybunion taking us to meet Mike of the Bromore Cliffs along the WildAtlanticWay and of course along The Sheepshead Way also in West Cork which incidentally Graham Norton recently named as his ‘favourite place of 2015’ on his BBC radio 2 show.

Going Green doesn’t mean less luxury or facilities – in fact these green experiences give back so much more than they take – the G spot for your next break!  😉
If you’re considering a new take on life and are interested in creating an Eco business then check out this useful Failte Ireland Green-marketing-toolkit for top tips on getting started.


Congrats To Crann Og Eco Farm

Congratulations to Gold Certified Ecotourism Operator Crann Og Eco Farm

Well done to all at Crann Og Eco Farm who are celebrating their new Gold Certification!

We are excited to announce we have just been re-certified by Eco Tourism Ireland as a Gold Certified Ecotourism Operator as of July 2015. This is recognised by the The International Ecotourism Society.
This is a real achievement for us and comes after many years of hard work and creativity. Many thanks to Mary Mulvey and Lorraine Grainger of Eco Tourism Ireland for their encouragement and advice throughout the years.
We previously held Silver Certification for our Kids Eco Yoga Day from 2012 to 2014. This new higher certification encompasses all of our activities here at Crann Og Eco Farm and recognises our strong interpretive environmental ethos and reuse, recycling and reduce practices.
Gold Certification ensures our visitors ‘that green means green’. And we have a new website coming soon, so please stay tuned……
Many many thanks to all the friends and volunteers who have helped over the years to make Crann Og Eco Farm what it is today, we could not have done it without you all!
Marion and Flor

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