Elderberry Liquer Part 2

making elderberry liquorRemember 3 months ago we followed Andy Hamiltons Elderberry Liquor recipe? It has been sitting in a dark cupboard since then and today is the day we take it out for the second part of the process:

Pour sugar into the vodka bottle and strain the liquor over the top of it – you may wish to “upgrade” to a 750ml swing topped bottle for aesthetic reasons. Shake vigorously and return to the cupboard for at least two months, shaking every time you remember it is there (once a week for the first week, then less). After this time it is perfectly drinkable but, if you can manage to restrain yourself, it will improve with age as long as it is left sealed.
Andys’ website has some great Booze for free recipes and books >>


All done- just wondering if there’s anything we  could do with my strained alco elderberries now.. hmm.. New Years punch anyone?
P.S. it smells gorgeous already! Here’s to Paddys’ Day when it will be ready! Cheers!!