An interesting Eco project in Galway needs your help!

the happy pig campaignThese folks have just launched a Crowdfunding campaign to raise money to covert an old barn into a free community space – so that teachers can use the venue for free, and participation will be on a donation basis (where donations can be everything from labor, to time, to cash), enabling everyone to access what we believe are key skills in these strange and changing times.

They aim to make education on things such as wild food, herbalism, bushcraft, permaculture, bee-keeping etc, as accessible as possible to the public.

This project will only be funded if at least £9,500 is pledged by 10:54AM on Tuesday 11th March, 2014

the happy pig campaignUK’s foremost forager Fergus Drennan has kindly offered one day Wild food foraging courses in Ireland as rewards for supporting the campaign.

So support this cause AND get a great Foraging experience to boot!