Natural Rosehip Infused Oil

how to make rose hip oil with ecoactiveirelandA beautiful natural facial moisturiser, Rosehip Oil is packed with anti ageing goodness and it costs quite a bit  in the shops. Whilst it is not possible to make rosehip seed oil at home you can make a herbal infused oil that is also rather nice for the skin so why not give it a go yourself at home.

If you fancy trying the infusion oil which is rather lovely then just follow our steps below – If you can wait until November do so as the hips will be softer after the first frosts. (It also makes lovely Christmas Gifts!)
Here’s how to make Rosehip Infused Facial Oil:

  • Quantity: 2 parts oil to 1 part rosehips
  • Collect rosehips (preferably after the first frosts) and trim any excess flower head remains/leaves.
  • Put them in an ovenproof bowl and give them a good bashing to break them open.
  • Add natural almond oil ( I get mine in ‘Mrs B’s Healthy Options’ health shop Gorey for around 3 quid)
  • Leave in the oven at its lowest temperature (eg 50 degrees)  for 4 – 8 hours to infuse.
    Note – I left mine overnight at the absolute min temperature that my oven offered last time I made this and it was fine – however today I have lot’s of time until the oven is in use again so I will be leaving it in for about 5 hours. 
  • Strain through muslin into a large jug or bowl and allow to cool.
  • When cooled add vitamin E oil (2-3 capsules) if you like for extra nourishment (again available at your local health store) and / or 5-10 drops of your favourite essential oil if you wish.This is great facial oil best used sparingly – once a fortnight for example. Simply dab a few drops onto face and massage lightly. 

MWAH! Beautiful! 
If you fancy trying out actual rosehip seed oil have a look at this video to see just what to expect! (It’s rather industrial) 
We recommend The Herbal Hub’s Online Courses if you want to learn about using local wild plants as herbal medicines and nutritious wild foods. Check them out here >>