Wild Mushroom Hunts with Mary White

There is something deeply satisfying about going into a beautiful wood looking for wild mushrooms .The combination of trees, undergrowth and stillness combined with the thrill of discovering some delicious edible fungi or getting to know some of the fantastic varieties that live in our broadleaf or coniferous woods appeals to us.
Whether it is the brightly coloured Fly Agarics of our childhood stories or the combination of can I eat it? or will it make me sick? makes us want to know more about these fascinating species.

Hedgehog Fungus

On Saturday September 28th we will host our first Mushroom Hunt and then on Saturday October 5th we will hold a second Wild Mushroom Hunt in the lovely woods of the Blackstairs.
Cost per person is €50 per person plus €5 booking fee which includes all snacks, refreshments and a delicious organic lunch plus the opportunity to learn the names of some of our commonest mushrooms . Hopefully we will find some edibles, Ceps and Chanterelles which we will cook up after our Mushroom Hunt .
Please bring a basket, boots and a coat in case the weather is cold or wet.
Boletus Edulis
Beautiful Boletus Edulis or Cep

As this is one of our most popular events, please do book in good time as places are limited.

  • Start Time 10.30.
  • Meet at the Old Rectory, Killedmond for an introductory chat plus light refreshments then off into the woods to see what we can find.
  • We will come back to lunch and then name all we find and cook up the edible ones.
  • We finish at 4.30.
  • Map to Meeting Point:  View Map Here >>

We look forward to seeing you soon. Booking is essential
Saturday September 28th Mushroom Hunt:
€55 (inc Booking Fee)
Saturday October 5th Mushroom Hunt: This event is now FULL.
€55 (inc Booking Fee)