Foraging Walk and Talk Saturday October 19th 2013

elderberry-treeBefore the Pooka comes we are having a last Autumnal forage to look for berries, greens, nuts and fungi in the beautiful Barrow Valley. The hedgerows are bursting with fruits, haws, hips and sloes. The Beech trees are laden with nuts and if the squirrels have left any nuts for us on the Hazel trees we will pick some of them. Wild berries abound in the ditches.
It is a bountiful time and before the Pooka ruins it all or the first frosts come, we are having one last slow food walk to harvest nature’s larder.
We will pick sloes to make sloe gin, We will pick hips to make tonics and we will sample, nibble and enjoy any wild berries that we find along the way. If there are wild fungi on our path we will talk about them and if they are edible we will pick them and cook them up for you.We will leave plenty for the wild life in our area and plenty for regenertion.
Ours is a slow walk to sample nature’s gifts and to ensure we look after our local environment in a sustainable manner.

Cost includes all teas/coffees and snacks plus a delicious organic lunch.
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