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GIY Electric Car Pioneers

Operation GIY Nation 2014

OOh – How exciting is this news from GIY Ireland?:
Think you wouldn’t be able to grow your own vegetables? Cast aside your doubts, stick a seed in the ground and grow with us!

Operation GIY Nation is about growing some of your own food with a bunch of people just like you – making a few mistakes, mixing up your seeds, forgetting to water on the hottest day of the summer, and still managing to land some of the freshiest, tasties food right onto your table.
This years campaign was launched by Lorraine Keane and Ian Dempsey… but why is he sitting in a car boot?

Exciting new sponsor

This year GIY have teamed up with Renault to really electrify this programme! Four pioneers will be chosen to take on the monthly challenges and to share their experiences with the rest of their followers. In addition to their growing challenges, they will also each be given the use of an electric car – the Renault Fluence – for the four months of the programme!
“Sign me up!” you say. Hold on, there’s more.
One of the pioneers will get to keep their electric car at the end of the project! Thats right, one pioneer will win an electric car from Renault!
To be in with the exciting chance to be one of the pioneers, click on the button below. There are a few conditions, but just to make sure that everyone gets the very most out of this programme. Even if you don’t want to be one of the pioneers, you can still sign up below to take part in the growing projects.

GIY Grow HQ Waterford Ireland

As a lover of self sufficiency I love this project!

GROW HQ – An urban food centre where people come to grow, cook and eat home-grown food.

GROW HQ is a grow/cook training centre, home-grown food cafe & shop, and urban food garden. The project is being created by GIY, an emerging global movement which started in Ireland, of up to 50,000 people who grow their own food.
GROW HQ is a partnership between GIY and Waterford City Council who are giving a high-profile city site to GIY on which they will develop a GIY centre and 3 acre urban food garden.

The Green Roof at GROW HQ

The green roof at GROW HQ is a living, breathing feature that will be seen by visitors to the centre for generations to come.

Designed by our architects, Solearth Ecological Architecture, the roof will be in two main parts – a sloped roof with sedum planting, and an accessible flat roof with an edible wild meadow. By sponsoring a Living Sod of GROW HQ, you will inspiring us and others with a deeper understanding of food and support people need to grow their own.
To show our thanks for your support, we’ve put together a very special package of benefits for our Living Sod sponsors:
Numbered GROW HQ Living Sod Certificate.
10% Discount on GROW HQ courses and events for 2 years.
Free Quarterly GROW HQ Newsletter.
Copy of GROW, the GIY magazine.

For more information on the Grow HQ Project visit or follow them on Twitter:

GIY Wexford (Grow It Yourself)

Wexford GIY (Grow It Yourself)

by Betty Kehoe, Aisling Designs & Landscapes
On the third Monday night of every month, a group of eager people meet in the Riverbank House Hotel, in Wexford. The reason for this get together is to inspire & encourage each other in the task of growing their own food. GIYing has become part of the normal everyday life of Wexford people.
The desire for a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle has inspired many people, of all ages, all socio economic groups and all nationalities to engage in this activity.
We have lost sight, in recent years, of where our food is coming from and of even more concern, what processes and chemicals are being used to produce our food. This has led many people to strive to regain the old skills of growing their own vegetables and fruit. Indeed a lot of households today are home to a clutch of chickens and even a pig or two.
The schools around Wexford are also getting into the swing of GIY. Many schools have their own kitchen gardens, where children can get involved in growing food crops, equipping them with vital survival skills.
Wexford GIY group meetings are a great source of shared learning, the more experienced growers helping and encouraging beginner growers. The meetings also have a great social aspect, with like minded people meeting and chatting. Many people head down to the Bar for refreshments after the meeting, building long lasting friendships.
Everyone is welcome to come along to the Wexford GIY meetings. There are no membership or admission fees.
The meetings are held at The Riverbank House Hotel, Wexford on the third Monday night of every month at 7.30.
Email or text reminders of the upcoming meeting are sent out to all.
Wexford GIY would like to thank the Riverbank House Hotel most sincerely for the use of the conference room. It is greatly appreciated.
Further information can be had from Betty Kehoe 086 4007993 or Anne Troy 086 2766247