Plastic Bottle recycled greenhouse

Plastic Bottle greenhouseToday I begin my greenhouse / gazebo made from recycled plastic bottles project. I am still hoping to get a polytunnel but as they are so pricey that is looking unlikely! I came across a few articles with really amazing buildings made from recycled bottles inc this one pictured on the right:
I have downloaded a pdf from Moray Greenspace Education Project (in the UK I think) so if your thinking of giving it a go download it for inspiration and simple instructions here>>
Here is the area I plan to build on:
Area for building
And this sorry structure, which in fairness gave us lots of tomatoes and strawberries last year before being blown down by gales… is what I will be using as part of my frame base- although  will probably have to ‘tweak’ it a bit lol!
Hopefully, in a few weeks or so these two pics will look totally different 🙂
Later peeps, Roz x ps don’t forget to wear sunscreen!!