A Series of Four Workshops with Diana Murray, B.R.E., Dip counselling, PhD candidate.

 Diana MurrayChoose from the following four workshops. One or all may be done. The more you book the more you save!
Continuous Cleansing of Body Toxins Saturday March 7th 2015, 12-3pm
Diana will demonstrate 2-3 one-dish meals that incorporate the principles of high water content food and proper food combining while discussing natural body cycles and metabolic imbalance. The purpose is to achieve continuous cleansing of body toxins.
Living Food Preparation Friday March 13th 2015, 12-3pm
The focus will be on the benefit of enzymes to the body and how we achieve that through living food preparation including demonstrations on juicing, making nut milks, living soups, including a living food lunch preparation of living soup, Caesar salad and lasagne.
Non-dairy Fermenting Saturday March 21st 2015, 12-3pm
Diana will show participants how to ferment whole cabbages and use them in cooking, through demonstration while discussing the benefits of good intestinal flora.
Skin Health and Beauty Treatment Friday March 27th, 8pm
Diana will perform a facial cleansing regime on a model participant while others sample her health and beauty products on themselves. Maintaining healthy skin not only comes from what we put into our bodies, but what we put on our bodies. Products will be available on the day for purchase.
“Total Wellness is the full integration of states of physical, mental and spiritual well-being”
All 4 workshops = €115
3 workshops = €90
2 workshops = €60
1 workshop = €35
Multiple workshops must be paid for at once in order to receive discount
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