No Bubbles Big Troubles…

wine making kitSo as you know I recently attempted to make red wine using my birthday gift from my lovely Twin sister, of a Beaverdale red wine making kit – I followed the instructions to the letter but have noticed no ‘bubbling’ of the liquid.
So yesterday I rang a friend who has been making his own beer and wine for the past few years ( am trying to convince him to hold lessons for people like me!!) and he said it sounded like the yeast I had used was dead / out of date and / or the room may have been too cold – this is very likely as we don’t use much heating in our house.
His suggestions:
Buy a new pack of wine yeast , test it first by putting a teaspoon of it with a teaspoon of sugar and some warm water into a cup. Within 30mins – 1 hour it should start to bubble.
If it does then the yeast is fine. In which case I am to add it to the liquid ( grape juice and water part of kit)  and leave to ferment.. (15 days)
So that, my friends is exactly what I am going to do. Fingers crossed for Christmas that it works this time- oh I am also gonna wrap the bucket in a  sleeping bag in hotpress!!
Wish me luck…