how to create a community garden

Funding for your school or community garden

Need funding for your school or community garden?

Wonderful news! €100,000 available through the Grow it Yourself (GIY) and AIB ‘Get Ireland Growing Fund’!
Get filling in those application forms and spread the word. What a great initiative!
“Over 100 community food growing projects were funded with grants of between €500 and €2,500 in 2014. The fund is open to community groups, schools, allotments with communal space, community gardens and not-for-profits looking to develop or enhance an existing community food-growing initiative. Schools can apply for training services or equipment that will allow students to grow their own fruit or vegetables.”
Closing date 23rd January 2015. See the GIY website for application details…

Community Gardens – How to Create One

Creating a Community Garden:

I came across this useful handbook online about  creating a community garden today. It’s something that interests me greatly as much for the social interaction aspect as the food production side.
I think I will suggest it to my local community group which is fairly new.. Anyway – It might be useful to others of you out there considering options to improve your local area.

Recent years have witnessed major concerns about the quality of the food we eat and the availability of healthy food to all people irrespective of income. In response to this the Health Service Executive and the Organic Centre set up a pilot Community Food Project to enable people managing a tight budget to learn to grow, prepare and cook organic fruit and vegetables.
The pilot project, which became known as Growing in Confidence, has run successfully for two years in two locations in urban Sligo and rural Leitrim. This How-To Guide is based on the experience of running these projects and is aimed at any community or group interested in running a similar project.
As well as the health benefits of an improved diet participants enjoyed working outdoors and fostering an easy-going community spirit. We hope this guide will be a starting place
for many such projects, a building block for Growing in Confidence.

View or Download The PDF Here