EAI Top Money Saving Tips

As promised, here is my cheap living blog on how to save money without having to sacrifice living the good life! I have tried to keep them to general things that everyone can do regardless of where you live but some of them may focus on rural dwellers a little more  – still, you city folk get all the attention normally so fair’s fair eh? 🙂

Invest in a Freezer

We have a regular size fridge with a very small freezer area. Recently though my mum gave us a small box freezer – about 2 foot x 2 foot in size. It has already saved us a TONNE of money as we can now freeze foods that we get on special offer for later use. Ask around to see if someone you know has a freezer going or visit your local recycle centre / freecycle group online. You may be surprised what people throw away!

Time your Supermarket Visits

If your in a position to be flexible on the time you go to do your weekly shop (self employed/unemployed/flexi time)  then this one is a game changer. We discovered that our local supermarkets have different days and times that they put their offers on the shelves. Recently we bought:

  • A kilo of prawns for .66c,
  • Homemade brown bread for .55c,
  • Salmon darnes reduced from €6 to 1.20
  • Crab claws reduced from €4 to .80cent.

Keep an eye on the day of the week that the offers’ shelf is filled in each supermarket. Our local Tesco usually Mondays before 10.30, Dunnes daily before 10am.

Learn to cook

Obviously being able to cook means that you can make tasty dishes from whatever ingredients you pick up at these food sales. Whilst attending a cookery course is bound to get your culinary juices flowing this is a blog about saving money so.. learn by practicing! Online tutorials on YouTube and recipe articles on platforms like ISSUU are great for ideas.

Consider Quid Pro Quo deals

I am a web developer and I have used my skills in return for services from people I know such as beauticians, kennel owners, yoga teachers etc. This saves each of us money whilst allowing us to get what we need or want to do. (Incidentally I am offering a website for a polytunnel at the moment so get in touch if your up for it!)   Remember…if you don’t ask you don’t get.. Lot’s of people are into bartering.

Recycle / Re-Use

One we all know about – recycling but instead of giving your recycling to the recycling company see if you can use it yourself first. For example I recently stumbled across some great uses for plastic bottles including a greenhouse and gazebo area which I intend to try out! Search online for ideas, Google images are a great way to search for things that might visually attract you…
We also got some free wooden pallets from the local co-op and made a decking area! Again, ask! You never know what you might get.
Grow Stuff – and then Eat it 
Seriously, whether you live in an apartment, estate or country cottage, grow stuff. Even if it’s only herbs – You can make a world of difference to what you eat and get to chill out too – (It’s therapeutic)
Some of the easiest things to grow that I have found so far are:
Carrots and Parsnips ( but DO take the time to spread them out) , sprouts, cabbages, lettuce, courgettes and potatoes. Without a polytunnel or greenhouse (the wind blew our old makeshift one down) I can’t really do well on tomatoes/peppers etc but maybe this year…  Joining a local GIY club is free and means you can share your knowledge or problems plus swap what you grew for something else..
Visit www.giyinternational.org/giy_groups to find a group near you.

Get a Dog.. 🙂

Okay, maybe not everyone can get a dog but those who can here are four great reasons to do so:

  1. Dogs are great alarm systems and burglar deterrents (cheaper)
  2. Dogs make you smile – a lot! (no need for expensive therapy)
  3. Your giving a creature a wonderful new life. (priceless feel good factor)
  4. Walking your dog keeps you fit. ( no gym costs)

So that’s my lucky number 7 money saving tips 🙂
Feel free to share yours on our Facebook page or via a comment below – Roz x