Hunting for Mushrooms with Mary

Hunting for wild mushrooms is one of the great joys of life, however it is important to be 100% sure of what your collecting thus identifying edible mushrooms is an important skill to have.
Mushroom expert Mary White is hosting two wild mushroom events in the coming weeks in the lovely woods of the Blackstairs, one on Saturday September 28th and then on Saturday October 5th.
Boletus Edulis
Cost per person is €50 per person plus €5 booking fee which includes all snacks, refreshments and a delicious organic lunch plus the opportunity to learn the names of some of our commonest mushrooms .
Hopefully we will find some edibles, Ceps and Chanterelles which we will cook up after our Mushroom Hunt .
Please bring a basket, boots and a coat in case the weather is cold or wet.
As this is one of our most popular events, please do book in good time as places are limited.
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