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Bushcraft Courses Ireland

Bushcraft For Groups

Bushcraft skills are available to book for groups over 10 people.
I recently went along to one such event with Aebhric and Andy in Co Wicklow.
As I was only partaking for only a few hours I missed out on some of the events but took note of what had taken place before my arrival.
The group had been taught how to light a fire without matches or lighter and would be in the middle of something when they were asked to quickly light a fire again – the idea was to ensure they could have a successful fire going within 3-5 minutes in case of very cold weather.
bedmakingWe also learnt a bit about foraging for salads and how to make a shelter to sleep in that would protect you from the elements using found branches and fronds.
I had to leave then but the guys were busy boiling water and preparing their dinner which they would cook over an open fire sleeping out under the stars that night with more to learn the next morning- I wish I could have stayed – maybe next time!
If you would like to book a bushcraft course for a group then get in touch at play[at] with the following details and we will get back to you with options and prices.

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Bushcraft Courses Ireland

Bushcraft in Ireland

Bushcraft courses are growing in popularity throughout Ireland with people wanting to learn how to survive in the wild.
Bushcraft courses can include making outdoor sleeping areas, how to stay warm and spot signs of hypothermia, how to light a fire with found objects, making a stove to cook on, how to catch and skin wild animals for food, foraging for berries and leaves and much much more.
If you run bushcraft courses and would like to get listed on EAI then call Roz today on 0831949444 or contact us via our contact form here >>