what to do with elderberrys

Elderberry Liquor taste great!

What to do with Elderberries

Yum Yum!

Last year I was too late to collect elderflowers to make elderflower champagne  so I looked up some info on what to do with the berries instead and I found Andy Hamiltons Elderberry Liquor recipe. I began it as per instructions and on New years eve completed the ingredients process.
It was supposed to be ready by Paddys Day however, when we ‘tested’ it I found it too bitter.
Last week my lovely sister Linda came for an impromptu visit and we decided to try it again. MY Goodness! What a difference a month makes! It is delicious – too declicous in fact – we have already managed to drink half of it!!
So this year whilst I do hope to try making elderflower champagne I will also definately be making this liquor again too!
Try it yourself – it’s super easy – just takes patience that’s all.
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What to do with Elderberry

Elderberry Recipes

elderberry-treeElderberries abound in our garden as I never got time to pick the flowers and they have now matured into berries.
Fearing I had missed out on making any sort of nice wine I was delighted to stumble across the following article on the Guardian website where ‘Booze For Free’ author Andy Hamilton shares his elderberry liquer recipe.
Needless to say I will be picking them over the weekend and giving this one a go!
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