Bumblebee Flower Farm Open Day 16th August 2020

OPen Day at Bumblebee Flower Farm

Are you interested in learning about bee friendly flowers you can grow at home, incredible food created from your own produce or taste how incredibly delicious & versatile snails are! Then get along to Bumblebee Flower Farms’ Open Day on the 16th August 2020.

Includes a tour, a talk with Mags, tastings of edible produce created by Eddie Attwell as well as more tastings and talk from Eva and Eoin from Gaelic Escargot. A lovely opportunity to share and meet like-minded folks in beautiful West Cork!

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Irelands Ancient Feast 2020

Irelands Ancient Feast Eco Active Social
Irelands Ancient Feast

This year’s ‘Feast’ HAS BEEN CANCELLED

Dine Like A Druid on this Seaweed, Coastal and Hedgerow Wild Food Forage & Feast.

Join The Sea Gardener as we forage for wild food on land and shore and enjoy the foods eaten by the earliest settler’s on the Waterford Coast. Learn how to identify edibles and gather wild food as we forage for seaweed and wild plants to be enjoyed as part of our cook up.
We’ll enjoy wild foods such as Blackberries, Haws, Orache, Knotweed, Sea purslane, Sea Beet/Wild mushroom/Hazelnut tarts; Periwinkles, Raw Fraughan and Hazelnut Cake, Haw Jelly, Hedgerow Jam and Wild mushrooms amongst others, all washed down with Yarrow tea, Dandelion Root Coffee, Beech Noyeau, Local Metalman Ale and Elderflower Cordial!



Glamping in Cork

coomarkane visitor centre

Just back from a lovely trip to Coomarkane visitor centre in Glengarriff. Was glamping! Took my 13 year old daughter with me. We were able to cook on the campfire. Everything was very eco friendly with compost toilets and covid restrictions in place. Peace and quiet was lovely. Definitely need a car!
We were there for 2 nights. First evening we built the campfire, was great fun collecting sticks from the lane and we made potatoes wrapped in tin foil, threw them in the fire, then we had a kettle and a pot. Fried sausages in that and then put beans in was delicious. The potatoes cooked perfectly! All cutlery is in the little shared kitchen and they also had a little fridge for each cabin. (Only 2 cabins on the site) Toilet is outside which was fun. Solar lights led the way but they did provide a torch also in the cabin. Cabin had tv and dvds but we didn’t turn tv on once.

Next day we had a toasted sandwich at a cafe and beside the cafe was a little boutique called B/Apparel run by a really stylish lady (Beatrice). My daughter bought a lovely jacket. Next we went to visit a friend Mags at Bumblebee flower farm which was about 30 mins away. When we got back we lit the fire again but only made tea as we had a big dinner. Casey’s Hotel seemed to be the popular spot for eating as it was booked up so good to know to book in advance especially with covid restrictions.

We went to Poeleen forest for a walk and it was beautiful. The waterfall walk isn’t far and the river is gorgeous so peaceful and perfect for our little picnic.

We took the trip to Garnish Islands next morning – takes about 15 minutes. Beautiful island with high italian influence. Beautiful gardens too. There is a cafe on the island with basic sandwiches and tea etc.

Seeing the seals on the trip over was a highlight. Next stop was to Kinsale where I was visiting another friend. We ate in the Blue Haven Kinsale delicious meal and we stayed in the Pier House Guesthouse which was almost 5 star in my opinion. Tea and coffee and ice all available and a lovely area to sit and chill. The decor was very shabby chic/Sea themed highly recommend. Power shower was very welcome too!

A lovely trip and want to go back!

Visit them on Facebook at @coomarkanevisitorcentre/

The self-organizing capacity of our world.

The paragraphs that really caught my attention are below as it reinforces my own beliefs and is the reason behind why we created this online platform:
“life wants to happen as a community and we are all part of it.”
“We live in a universe that is alive, creative, and experimenting all the time to discover what’s possible. We are rediscovering our interconnectedness; there are no isolated individuals in the natural world. Life seeks to affiliate with other life, and as it does that it makes more possibilities available, it makes more diversity possible”.

Kilrane Art Gallery is a Gem

kilrane art gallery

Well myself and my sister were passing recently and saw the proprietor, Patrick O’Reilly, outside preparing for reopening after Covid so we stopped and got out to have a chat. WHAT A GEM!
“Opened in 2018 and located in the village of Kilrane, Co. Wexford, The Kilrane Gallery is a space where Irish based artists, designers and makers can exhibit and sell their work. I have assembled a wonderful group of creatives and together we have established this beautiful space” – Patrick O’Reilly

Secret Valley Wildlife Park Need Your Help!

secret valley wildlife park need your help

It has now been over 7 weeks since we closed our gates to the public on the 17th of March due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This has now started to take it’s toll. As a small wildlife park, which receives no government funding, we rely on entrance fees, school tours and our education workshops as our main sources of income.

We have managed to continue to give our animals the best possible care up to this point through online pre-ticket sales and animal sponsorship’s. Unfortunately this is no longer enough and we are asking for your help.

We want to help your business during Covid-19

We want to help your business during Covid-19 with free addition to our website with social sharing so that when things get back to ‘normal’ your business is at the forefront of our nature loving communitys’ mind!

Just get in touch by email, phone or text and we can have a chat about your business and how we might best promote you during this crisis and in the future.

Email or call/text Roz on +353 (0) 83 8054866

We are all in this together and one thing I am certain of is that people will care even more about spending time together and nurturing nature in the times ahead. Stay Safe!

EcoActive host WomensInspire Twitter Chat

Last night we had the pleasure of hosting the #Womensinspire Twitter chat with

It was an hour of interacting with people from all over the world to share the events our members offer. There were 4 main questions that we focused on:

EcoActiveEvents is an online community launched in 2013 for people to find cool ecofriendly things to do like Foraging, Wild Camping, Beekeeping, Hiking…The season is just beginning so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter

Nature lovers & Green Tourism Providers! EcoActiveEvents is a community for the public to find eco friendly events & inspiration & for people who run eco events to get them listed – with recipes, news & events being added weekly!

EcoActiveEvents promotes tour guides, foragers, adventure providers, workshops, accommodation providers, food trails, greenways, festivals.. Members join for a small monthly fee to be added and shared across social media on a weekly basis.

We have over 15 years experience working online in the tourism & web design space & a PASSION for nature so If you have a business that wants to promote green events or news then join up for a small monthly fee to have them added and shared weekly!

EcoActiveEvents Coming Up:

Support Cobh Readers and Writers Festival Fundraiser

Cobh Readers and Writers Festival need your help!

Cobh Readers and Writers Festival is held annually in the most beautiful seaside town in Ireland and they are currently fundraising with a target of €1000 to support this years’ festival – details below:

As a small community group we strive to ensure that our festival is the best that it can be each year.

We feel that all the creative arts have a place in our festival and that they are all warmly welcomed by the wonderful community on our Great Island, so we try very hard to ensure that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

It is the generosity of our sponsors Cork County Council and Cobh Credit Union Ltd, local businesses, and often simply generous people which enables us to do so year after year.

If you feel that you could help us by making a donation to this years festival, be it large or small, we would be delighted and extremely grateful to receive your support.

Thank you.

You can donate by visiting their GoFundMe page here:

Follow them on Twitter @CobhRW

Open Day at Bumblebee Flower Farm Sunday March 29th

Bumblebee Flower Farm located in beautiful West Cork is having an Open Day on Sunday March 29th!

This is a wonderful opportunity to experience Bumblebee Flower Farm and gain an insight into what we do and why we do things the way we do.

Introducing you to the wonderful world of edible flowers, pollinator-friendly plantings and organically produced seasonal cut flowers.

There will be an informative talk and tour of the farm with seeds and recommendation for supportive plantings no matter what size your garden is.

A lovely day and a chance to meet like-minded people.

The first in our series of Farm open Days – What to expect:

  1. Guided Tour of the farm.
  2. Talk on planting schemes including suitable plants and flowers that support the whole lifecycle.
  3. Selection of pollinator-friendly seeds for you to take home and create your very own magical bumblebee oasis.
  4. Refreshments available using Bumblebee Flower Farm ingredients.


  • Sunday, March 29th
  • Bumblebee Farm, Castledonovan, Drimoleague, Co. Cork, Ireland
  • Price: €25 (children accompanied by an adult Free)

CCEN / VISUAL Environmental Film Festival

Press Release – CCEN / VISUAL Environmental Film Festival

Introducing the CCEN / VISUAL Environmental Film Festival

Carlow County Environmental Network present their first Environmental Film festival in association with VISUAL Carlow.  Running on the third Wednesday of the month these free film nights will begin with ‘Home’ on the 19th of February at 7pm.

The County Carlow Environmental Network are delighted to announce their first (and hopefully annual) Environmental Film Festival at the VISUAL Carlow.  Over the course of four evenings spread over four months the aim of the festival is to inform and empower the Carlow community to act on environmental issues which affect us all.  

Running on the third Wednesday of the month from February to May, each evening will introduce a separate theme dealing with various aspects of current environmental issues.  The films have been carefully selected for their uplifting, solution- focused, and informative stories.  We begin with ‘Home’ on the 19th of February which introduces us to our planet from the air and gives an overview of some of the issues affecting it.  On the 18th of March River Blue shows us the impact of fast fashion following river advocate Mark Angelo as he paddles around some of the most beautiful- and polluted- rivers in the world.  On the 15th of April, just in time for Spring Clean Month our film is Closing the Loop which presents solutions to our waste problems.  On our final evening, May 20th we will show two films. A Drop in the Ocean is produced by Irish aid organisation Trocaire, and gives an Irish perspective of Climate Change.  The Race is On outlines some solutions to this globally and reminds us that the power is with us to change things. 

Entrance on the evenings is free.  Films are suitable for all ages and all are welcome. 

The VISUAL Carlow is wheelchair and buggy accessible.  There will be refreshments available on the night and prizes to be won.  Expected runtime is 7-9pm each night.  If coming as a group of more that 10 please contact us so that we can make accommodations for you in the theatre. 

The CCEN is a voluntary organisation that aims to empower the communities of Carlow town and county to take action in tackling current environmental issues through simple, positive actions.  We meet on the first Tuesday of every month at An Gairdín Beo in Carlow Town at 7pm.  New members are always welcome. 
Contact us::
Facebook: @CarlowEnvironmentalNetwork

Who Should Join EcoActive

Some people have been asking if their business is suitable to join Eco Active so we thought we’d explain what kind of business can benefit from joining Eco Active…

  • Hotels
    Many hotels are consciously improving their sustainable practices and they can share that news on our blogs plus those that hold nature friendly events that can be featured on our listings.
  • Accommodation Providers
    Whether it’s a family run BandB or a Country Guesthouse, many accommodation provider are eco friendly or facilitate / run events such as foraging walks, woodland walks, cookups and more.
  • Green Energy Providers
    Let our community know what eco friendly alternatives are available and how to go about getting them.
  • Farmers Markets
    Pretty much all of our community are interested in healthy food and are always looking to find out where their closest farmers market is being held so adding these dates to the events is a no brainer for your market.
  • Crafts
    Our community has many people looking to discover crafts as a hobby or even to simply stroll around a local crafts shop or perhaps a studio having a chat and walking away with a unique gift. Let them know how to find you.
  • Galleries
    Again sharing specific exhibitions and events that our community are interested in is easily done through our event listings and social sharing.
  • Foragers
    One of the biggest searches and requests we get is of course for foraging workshops and guided forage walks ( this is after all why we began in 2013!) so foragers who join EcoActive benefit greatly either by advertising their events or by being contacted for bespoke / group events.
  • Unique Workshops
    There is such a variety of unique and interesting workshops taking place all over the country they are too numerous to name, however, if they include something natural and are a bit of fun they usually go down very well with our community. It could be for sheepskin tanning, beekeeping, organic flower growing, lampshade making… you name it. Get it listed!
  • Food and Drink Tastings
    There has been an enormous surge in outdoor tastings and food /table events over the past few years and our community want to know about it in advance so they can plan their mini break – so yes, join Eco Active and let us share it out in advance to gain maximum exposure.
  • Food Festivals
    Always popular, food festivals are eagerly attended by our communities, however our eco conscious audience who are eager to travel domestically, do not always know about them until it’s too late – so get involved, get it up on the site so we can share share share!
  • Seaweed Safaris
    Being an island gives us such unique access to seaweed and seaweed workshops and events are always popular, from making skincare or cosmetics using seaweed or baking/cooking with seaweed so any events or workshops that encapsulates these do well. Get it up there!
  • Camping
    Wild camping or secure camping – both are growing again in popularity so if you run a campsite or are planning a camping event that you think our community might like then get in touch so we can share it.
  • Outdoor Skills
    Many of our community have an interest in learning outdoor skills either for their own personal use or for their use in business
  • Mountaineering / Hiking / Guided Walks
    Highly popular due to the variety of destinations and slow, medium, fast options all outdoor walks and hikes get a great response from our community so get it on the list!!
  • Kayaking / Canoeing /Watersports
    For the water babies among us the thrills of water based activities are impossible to resist – get your classes, courses and events up on our listings!
  • Adventure Activity Providers
    Micro adventures are hugely popular and our community are always looking for a new adrenalin rush. Add your events and we’ll make sure they know about them!
  • Greenways
    We’re loving the new Greenways that have popped up over the past few years but many of us are unsure how to plan a Greenway Getaway – share your ideas, rest stops and sample itineraries to our audience so they can plan their visit easily.
  • Electric Bike Trails
    Electric bike trails offer a relaxing way to see an area and get out in the fresh air, if you rent them or provided guided tours let us know – get it listed!
  • Alternative Art Classes
    Art is a wonderful way to appreciate nature and mindful living and as these are both of interest to our community so too are unique or alternative art classes – get in touch – get it listed.
  • Glamping / Pods / Shepherd Huts
    Glamping (Glam Camping) is still popular with many of our community as a luxe form of camping with eco pods and shepherd huts equally enticing – let us know about your facilities and share your offers and events on our listings.
  • Alternative Tourism Providers
    Got a unique tourist offering? From Seanchaí’s to Periwinkle picking to Kite festivals, the more unique the better – let our community know about your business – get it listed…
  • Yoga / Wellness / Retreats
    Whether its a regular class, one off workshop or retreat our community are interested. Let them know about it by getting it listed – we will do the rest 🙂
  • Educational Workshops / OECs
    Children are the future – getting them educated about sustainability, self sufficiency and how to have as little impact on nature as possible is always encouraged. Sometimes however, us adults need to learn too so all Green educational workshops and events are welcome.
  • Rural Communities
    We know how difficult it can be to run a business in rural areas as well as socialising so sharing related events such as local markets, shows, courses etc on our listings is a great way to reach more people.
  • Farmers
    Yes farmers! Our community want to buy directly from you but how do they do that if they don’t know you? Let us know – Add it to our listings!
  • Bird watching
    One of natures’ finest attractions – birds. Bird watching clubs that hold events or educational workshops should post them here as our community are great bird lovers.
  • Sailing / Fishing
    Getting off land is a welcome escape and low impact sailing trips or fishing adventures are of great interest to our community. Share it on our events and we’ll pass it on.
  • Family Friendly Fun
    Let’s face it – we all want to know about nature friendly family fun things to do so if you have family fun events coming up that are nice to nature then get them up there!
  • Astronomy
    As featured in our recent blog astro-tourism is growing in popularity as the search for dark skies grows in a world of powered up communities. If you’re holding a star gazing event or Star BQ be sure to get it on our listings in plenty of time!
  • Natural Cosmetics / Herbalists
    Making cosmetics from natural ingredients is always hugely popular as is the interest in medicinal herbs so those offering workshops, classes or events on either are recommended to add them to our listings.
  • Gardening, Smallholdings and Self Sufficiency
    Biodiversity is so important in these challenging times and our community like to know what the best pollinator friendly plants /peat free compost options, home made compost tricks and ways to grow more of their own food and be more self sustainable to not only reduce bills but to save the planet, so if you hold events, classes or workshops in these areas then get it listed!
  • Traditional Crafts:
    Willow Workshops, Basket Weaving, Knitting, Wood Crafts… whatever your tradition al skills workshops and events might be get them listed today so we can share them out to our community.
  • Music
    Music makes the world go round 🙂 Whether you hold music appreciation classes, instrument making workshops or teach music lessons why not add it to our events for our community to discover.
  • Alternative Living
    People interested in sharing their alternative living communities’ events or advice can do so through the blogs or the listings – get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.
  • Green Festivals
    Got a green festival in the works? Get it up there and we’ll share it out for you. Attending a festival with a green product or service? Share it on our blog.
  • Green Retail
    Do you source or sell green products? We’d love to hear about them – get them listed through our blog.
  • Social Clubs
    Communities – that’s what it’s all about, be they a community of bird watchers, social walkers, art enthusiasts, or herbalists – share your community group through our listings and grow your membership.

Well, those are just some of the businesses and groups that can benefit from joining EcoActive – pass it on and if in doubt give me a shout 🙂 Roz

We have over 15 years online marketing and web development experience and over 10 years travel and hospitality experience. This along with a passion for nature and sustainability makes us the perfect match for promoting the eco side of your business – Find Out More About Joining Our Community Here >>