Looking for an Ecofriendly gift that supports local sustainable business this Christmas?

Christmas is on the horizon and common questions we hear include:

  • What is a sustainable gift?

  • What to gift someone who loves the environment?

  • What is the most environmentally friendly product?

  • How can I get an ecofriendly Christmas?

  • How can I avoid Greenwashing Products?

Here at EcoActiveSocial.com we focus on creating ecofriendly ecotourism events that share knowledge and enable our customers to learn about sustainable living and harvesting. 

We also support sustainable businesses through mindful marketing and through the promotion of their sustainable products through our online shop.

We strive personally to live in an ecofriendly manner through reduced consumerism, recycling of products at home and in work, and upcycling ( I made my kitchen bar table from an old bed headboard for eg).  🙂 

breakfast bar made from recycling of bed headboard Eco Active Social

We are not perfect but we ARE enthusiastic and trying our best to live mindfully and eco consciously, sharing our experiences with you as we grow. 

We’d love to hear about your efforts and challenges so do leave a comment or contact us on social media – 

There are many ways to be more eco conscious this Christmas – Consider creating your very own gifts such as my neice Leahs’ plan to make Aprons , cushion covers and shopping bags from recycled material – she is doing a sewing class  which also supports a local small business – Sew Fun Studios –  here in Wexford

Sustainable Gifts - Handmade tote bag using recycled material

Made a tote bag with lining and an inside pocket with my sewing machine, ya’ll be getting handmade gifts this year hahaha

If, like Linda and I you were busy making the most of nature’s bounty this Summer & Autumn you could consider giving some as Christmas gifts?

For example I made Plum wine last year which I will be decanting into empty maple syrup bottles that I collected and were donated to me, to give my family & friends who helped me on my home ‘Paint Party’ last year as homemade ecofriendly gifts. The plum tree grows in my garden – I planted it 10 years ago. Others will get homemade sauces and chutneys –

Not sure Linda will be convinced to share her Elderberry syrup tho lol! 


Of Course Not Everyone Has Time To Make Gifts or Space To Grow Fruit...

We get it – Everyone is sooo busy these days – it can be hard to visit people over the Christmas period let alone make ecofriendly and sustainable gifts!

This is where you can support those that have dedicated themselves to creating unique eco friendly gifts as part of their way of living –

Check out Soulscribe Calligraphys’ gorgeously scribed repurposed garden signs – she can also create beautiful wall hangings and more..

Another local woman who focuses on creating handmade sustainable products is Valerie Coleman of Other Mammys who makes beeswax wraps that will help you reduce your use of cling film /tinfoil and other anti-environment products.

You can shop these here >>

Mags Riordan Bumblebee Flower Farm Ireland

Biodiversity Workshops:

Now focusing on ‘Research & Development Farm for Regenerative Agriculture through our ‘Whole’ Systems Approach’ Mags at Bumblebee Flower Farm in West Cork is a beacon of light for nature lovers.

Her Gifts Cards are available to buy via our online shop and can be used for any of her many biodiversity related workshops or indeed to order a beautiful bunch of organic ecofriendly blooms throughout the year. 


Not sure which ecofriendly gift to give?

An EcoActiveSocial Gift Card can be used against any of the products available on our online shop as well as our Events. 

Events for 2023 include:

(Dates TBC )

Some recent feedback from Foraging Customers:

“Thanks so much for all the knowledge shared today and the good company. We enjoyed the afternoon very much 🙂 ” ~ Ildiko

“Thanks so much Roz for organising such a wonderful event and to all who also made it so ” ~ Nadine

“Thanks a million for the lovely afternoon with lots of lovely people. I learned a lot!” ~ Judit

Really enjoyed learning about the different types of seaweed and experiencing the different flavours.. thanks to all involved” ~ Robert 

Thank you so much Roz for organising & Marie for sharing your knowledge. Lovely to meet you all & hopefully we will meet again!” ~ Brid

“Thank you for a lovely afternoon” ~ Ger and Enda