Wexford GIY (Grow It Yourself)

by Betty Kehoe, Aisling Designs & Landscapes
On the third Monday night of every month, a group of eager people meet in the Riverbank House Hotel, in Wexford. The reason for this get together is to inspire & encourage each other in the task of growing their own food. GIYing has become part of the normal everyday life of Wexford people.
The desire for a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle has inspired many people, of all ages, all socio economic groups and all nationalities to engage in this activity.
We have lost sight, in recent years, of where our food is coming from and of even more concern, what processes and chemicals are being used to produce our food. This has led many people to strive to regain the old skills of growing their own vegetables and fruit. Indeed a lot of households today are home to a clutch of chickens and even a pig or two.
The schools around Wexford are also getting into the swing of GIY. Many schools have their own kitchen gardens, where children can get involved in growing food crops, equipping them with vital survival skills.
Wexford GIY group meetings are a great source of shared learning, the more experienced growers helping and encouraging beginner growers. The meetings also have a great social aspect, with like minded people meeting and chatting. Many people head down to the Bar for refreshments after the meeting, building long lasting friendships.
Everyone is welcome to come along to the Wexford GIY meetings. There are no membership or admission fees.
The meetings are held at The Riverbank House Hotel, Wexford on the third Monday night of every month at 7.30.
Email or text reminders of the upcoming meeting are sent out to all.
Wexford GIY would like to thank the Riverbank House Hotel most sincerely for the use of the conference room. It is greatly appreciated.
Further information can be had from Betty Kehoe 086 4007993 or Anne Troy 086 2766247