The Irish Seaweed Safari is an experience not to be missed!

Join our 4th generation Seaweed Foragers and enjoy the spectacular shore walk from the rugged coastline of Caherush meandering along the shoreline enjoying nostalgic views looking out on Spanish Point Bay along with the spectacular Cliffs of Moher and the Aran Islands.
seaweed foraging
During the safari you will learn about the many seaweeds the Atlantic Coastline has to offer.
You will be shown how to identify and harvest the seaweeds by hand like our ancestors would have done.
You will learn about the Nutritional Benefits of the edible seaweeds along the with the Cosmetic and Horticultural benefits.
You will also be treated to Sea Veg tasting at the Wild Irish Sea Veg Company!
They will give their expertise in how to prepare and cook the seaweeds you have encountered during the Seaweed Safari. You will be able to sample culinary delights using Dillisk, Carrageen, Sea Spaghetti, Sugar Kelp and Sea Salad among others.
You will than learn how to use seaweeds both in the Garden and how can it help for Cosmetic purposes.
The Tour lasts approx 3 hours – Walks will run in conjunction with the tide times. We will inform anyone who books the time for their chosen date.
What you need:

  • Appropriate Clothing for weather conditions
  • Walking Boots/Shoes
  • Camera for some stunning photos!


  • €15 per adult – €5 Children
  • Group of 10 or more is €10pp and kids free.
    If you are booking for more than 10 adults and also inc children then please do not select child numbers at booking point (to avoid getting charged) – instead please add if any children and numbers + ages of same in the NOTE box.

Any date is available.
Please note that a Minimum booking of 4 adults is required.
If you would like less than 4 places email us your preferred date and we will see if can make up the numbers to go ahead.
EAI Map Ref: Seaweed Safaris, Caherush, Co Clare >>