Elderberry Liquer

vodka-baby-yeahAs you know I found a cool recipe online for elderberry liquer compliments of Andy Hamilton  and tonight, as I pressed send on my final uploads for college I decided to give it a go!
Having collected a large bowl of elderberries two days ago I realised it was time to do this before they lost their juiciness. With this in mind I followed Andys’ steps  and first de-stalked the berries. Then I weighed out 800 ml of them.
3months-to-goLuckily my twin recently bought me a wine making kit for my birthday – ( I have lost the instructions but plan to email for a copy) and this included steriliser powder.
After finally figuring out the percentages ( I went with a half teaspoon to 1.5 litre warm (previously boiled) water), then rinsed out the jar. To this I added the berries and 75cl of vodka.
(Andy mentions to add all but 20ml of the 750ml of vodka which he advises you drink- being a divil for following orders I am sipping on that 20ml as I type )
I then added the rind of a lemon and mixed it all up . It now resides in a dark cupboard where it will sit for 3 months. Three months!!
Let’s hope it works out – will take it out at Christmas to finish the procedure which takes another 2 months min… Looks like Paddys day 2014 might be a laugh..
Cheers 🙂
Buy Andy’s book on Amazon for more super Booze For Free Recipes by clicking on the link below: