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  • Just back from a lovely trip to Coolmarkane visitor centre in Glengarriff. Was glamping! Took my 13 year old daughter with me. We were able to cook on the campfire. Everything was very eco friendly with compost toilets and covid restrictions in place. Peace and quiet was lovely. Definitely need a car!
    We were there for 2 nights. First evening we…Read More

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  • Thanks for adding me☺️

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  • Food, glorious food! I’ve been getting a bit more health conscious these days and been experimenting more with my version of recipes for dinner etc. I made a delicious thai style dinner the other night that was light, tasty, filling AND low in calories , i KNOW!? So its simply this : Pork mince ( I get mine from Lidl) fried up with 1/2 a fresh…Read More

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    LindaKC posted in the group Gardening

    I am super new to gardening but I had to check why my potatoes were taking over the raised bed in the garden!? There is so much greenery going on so I pulled one of them and was delighted to find the tiniest of potato tubers growing underneath!! I’m psyched! I spoke with a seasoned veggie farmer at the market and he suggested that my potatoes need…Read More

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