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Rosslare Harbour

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Barefoot gardener who loves to cook!

I started Eco Active back in 2011 when I realised I couldn’t find any foraging information for Ireland online anywhere. I had a chat with ex River Cottage man Fraser Christian (based in Dorset, UK) and decided to set up

In 2014 I set out on an Ecotour of Ireland meeting lot’s of exciting and unique people who had taken what they had and created something sustainable and inspiring. I was featured on RTE Radio 1 and interviewed lot’s of interesting people including Clifden Eco Campsite, Rock Farm Slane, Aloha Surf School & Bumblebee Flower Farm to name a few. Each of these businesses have grown enormously since and are a wonderful example of how being eco conscious can be a positive aspect for business. You can listen back to these interviews here >>

Over time I added events that were bookable online and created and these were really popular, especially mushroom hunts and foraging events with the likes of Blackstairs Eco Trails in Carlow and the Sea Gardener in Waterford, however the internet was still relatively new and booking engines were limited in their flexibility making them time consuming for little return (for me) and thus became unfeasible. Mortgages needed paying and bills etc so I had to focus on the day job for a while.

Now I have teamed up with my pal Linda and together we have more time and better resources to promote eco and activity events, places, services and shops to the world. We have lot’s of ideas to implement so if you are an eco provider get in touch to find out more 🙂

We’d love you to come along on our journey..

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