Pear harvest and Perry making

pear treeTruly Autumn is the best time of the year as we get to harvest the fruits of our labour! We have been very lucky this year with our pear trees bursting with fruit. Last year we did not utilise them at all effectively , only adding them to roast veg late in the year – (delicious by the  way).
This year I plan to do as much as I can with what I have.
kevin forbes brewing bookWith this in mind I am going to make ‘Country Style Perry following the recipe from ‘Home Brewing’ Kevin Forbes, page 134 ( I bought this book in Springmount Garden Centre in Ballycanew/Gorey – they have a wonderful selection of books) .
I have 20 lbs of pears and his recipe basically says to use all of them leaving them in a warmish place for a few weeks until they start to get soft after which you chop and smash them into pulp.
He says to strain them through muslin and that a fruit press is best for this-( BTW Killruddery market will have an applepress at the market next week- 05th October 2013), then keep this juice in the pan in a warm place.
20 lbs of pearsThe natural yeast in the fruit is relied upon to ferment the juice so allow it to bubble..and when the bubbles rise to the surface of the liquid with the sediment dropped to the bottom you put it into a cask, cover tightly and leave for 6-7 months.
(Where do I get a cask!!?) Strain, bottle, enjoy!
I am hoping to make it to Killruddery on the 05th although I do not know if my pears will be soft enough by then.  Estimated enjoyment May 2013 🙂
Here’s hoping!