Introducing: The Cutting Globe

Ever wondered how to take plant cuttings? Perhaps, like me, your unsure of the best way to propagate your favourite plant? On The IrishBizParty Facebook page I came across this product which I am dying to try!!

The cutting globe is an amazing product that allows you to take large cuttings from plants and trees while still attached to the mother plant and after about 6 to 8 weeks you just cut it off and plant it out…
The cutting globe facilitates a propagation method called air layering used for nearly 4000 years (tried and tested). The small globe is designed to take cuttings from climbers and long stemmed slim plants. The large globe is designed to take larger cuttings from shrubs and trees….
Each globe comes predrilled at the right size to accommodate a good root to stem ratio. Globes can be washed out and used again and again .

There are many advantages to using the CUTTING GLOBE to airlayer your trees and shrubs etc.

  • Ideal for indoor plants that have grown leggy through the loss of lower foliage.
  • For plants that are hard to root with traditional forms of propagation.

Some plants take years to flower and fruit but with this method and your new CUTTING GLOBE your plant will flower or fruit in its first year .
You can have several CUTTING GLOBES on one plant.
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