It really IS a matter of Small Changes!

I simply had to make sure you all know about this wonderful place in Gorey Co Wexford that offers a range of Eco friendly products available online and inhouse with activities to boot! Check it out:

Eco-friendly & Organic wholefood shop. Affordable everyday sustainable products – Gorey, Co. Wexford
Smallchanges was started in 2012 by a small team who care about the planet and believe in sustainability. We know that our everyday choices leave a long-term legacy for our families, the environment and communities worldwide. Smallchanges is here to offer real alternatives to the ethical consumer at an affordable price.
The Smallchanges name was born from the idea that we can all make small lifestyle changes that benefit ourselves and our families, the environment, and wider communities. As shoppers, we all have incredible power to force positive change. It can be daunting, other family members may have different ideas, and we are most unlikely to change all our habits at once.
Remember that making just one small change will have a positive impact, and one small change may lead to another, as you become more mindful of the long-term benefits. Smallchanges is here to offer you sustainable eco-friendly choices. We take care of Ethical sourcing and Affordability, so you can make the changes that matter most to you

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