What Happens When You Support EcoActiveEvents.com by advertising with or booking on our website?

I was working away online today and came across a few ‘green tech start up’ events that are coming up that interested me.

It got me to thinking about my own business – this website – and what it is I am trying to do with it. I sometimes think that maybe people don’t always see the bigger picture so I thought I’d try to explain what my vision is for EcoActiveEvents.com and see if it helped…

First I made an Infographic highlighting the main points both for people who advertise on my website and for customers who come here to find information and book events.. 🙂

infographic on what happens when you support Eco Active Events

So for me EcoActiveEvents is two things. (Apart from being a B2B & a B2C)

Firstly: Its My Passion…

Each time I sit down at my computer to work on EcoActive I get excited and a happiness and peace settles upon me – I can lose the day researching, connecting and discovering new people and places to visit.

Secondly: It’s my Legacy…

It’s how I want to live – growing my own food where possible, learning about bees, knowing what medicinal herbs are growing around me. Connecting, promoting and sharing these wonderful nature friendly events that are so unlike anything else. I want to inspire others to live a life less ordinary, to follow their passion, to discover new things, to nurture nature and to have the most wonderful life without harming the world we depend so much upon.

My Vision

My vision for EcoActiveEvents.com is for it to become the GLOBAL GO TO PLACE to discover eco friendly events happening near you, so that you can go and visit the incredible people sharing their crafts, skills, knowledge and passions and learn something that ignites your soul. All whilst having fun of course. Fun is very important. Especially these days. Discovering how incredible our world is and how incredible our bodies are is fun.

To do this I need the support of other small businesses – the people who are holding these events and I thank very much those who have been so supportive of me to date.

I have specifically created really affordable Membership packages so that start ups and small rural businesses can easily afford them and gain a real positive return on investment along with becoming part of a wider community.

I have plans for EcoActive to become a provider of support in other ways too – whether that be through investment / mentoring / sponsorship, small (barefoot) steps for now. (A new pair of shoes wouldn’t fit in my #TinyHouse anyway)… 😉

If you would like to join EcoActive you can check out our very affordable options here or if you would like to get in touch about sponsoring an ecotour or anything else just give me a shout on +353 83 805 4866 or email Play@EcoActiveEvents.com