My Polytunnel is still producing food in the form of Cucumbers and today I found an absolute GIANT of a cucumber hiding amongst the basil that grows alongside. So I decided to make some Cucumber pickle to enjoy in sandwiches and – my favourite – on top of a homemade chicken breast burger – Mmm. 
Homemade Cucumber Pickle
After a bit of online searching I decided upon Jamie Olivers’ Spicy Cucumber Pickle Recipe which uses Shallots, Mustard Seeds, Tumeric, Star Anise, Caster Sugar and I used Cider Vinegar in mine. I love Jamie’s recipes as they are always so easy to follow. 
Anyway – here is the result and I leave it now for 24 hours at least. Having made a batch a week ago I can confirm that it tastes DELICIOUS! Highly recommend it – if you don’t grow cucumbers why not buy a nice organic couple and try t out for yourself. Pickle lasts a lot longer than cucumber!